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Coworking Community & Work Places

Have fun. Get work done.

Meet our coworking community

Capsity's design is to be an open culture that puts the wholeness and happiness of a person as our top values. Our community works together with compassion while being driven by our need to create, build, serve, and do good better each day.

Jeff RichardsFollowing Jesus. Loving Others.
Ilene CombsOperations Analyst and Innovation Strategist
Ed ChandlerLoftgardens Landscape Architecture
Adam BuschSEO Specialist & Content Strategist
Eric WrightWeb Developer
Mai LinhMarketing Specialist / Jewelry Designer
CameronAttorney at Law
Jeff louieA fellow coworker!

Simple Plan. Many Perks.

Get equipped with Membership to our Coworking Office Space

Being a member of Capsity provides you with an ever growing list of perks. It starts with flexible work spaces, hot pour overs and local teas to keep you energized, continues with monthly upgrade parties that provide an opportunity to meet and show-off your new wares, and expands with our development of new businesses and cities.

We offer many different office space rental packages such as virtual offices, shared office space, dedicated desks, and private office space for rent. You make the call on how you want to utilize your coworking office space. We have a diverse membership and make it a priority to fulfill the needs of every coworker.

Whether you are a business owner who needs a full-time office space, a nonprofit that needs a meeting space, a freelancer that needs a business address, or a telecommuter that wants to have another option besides coffee shops and their home, Capsity will work with you to provide the office space rental that fits your schedule best.

Healthy Workspaces

Office space for rent

Our shared office space here in Sacramento is designed to accommodate many work styles from cafe style work areas, dedicated desks, private office spaces, meeting rooms, and even a little bit of outdoor seating. Our Sacramento location has 24/7 access so members and their team can work whenever they choose. Capsity is here to fuel your entrepreneurial energy. Plus there's always parking available!

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Supportive Community

Sacramento office space for rent

Capsity culture is openly developed by the active participation of our community. We believe this is a keystone feature on which our members practice consistent communication, learn about new opportunities, and teach each other new skills. This is accelerated serendipity for members to experience positive change and growth. While on the outside, we may just look like a Sacramento office space, inside we are an ecosystem of ideas. To find out more, request an invite to our Slack Channels.

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Flexible Scheduling

Sacramento networking events

Capsity is your virtual office; a place that works when you do. For everyday that we work, members have the freedom to be creative, focused, and social when they choose through a 24/7 access system, online calendaring systems, and by using Slack to keep in touch with each other. Members are empowered to make their work day and office space their own.

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Office Technology

Sacramento coworking

At Capsity, accessible technology means happy coworkers! The business class wifi is always on, the Konica BizHub prints like a pro, and our virtual community assistants are available for onsite and online support. Other shared resources include monitors, projectors, automated entry systems, 24/7 security, and a growing library of books for borrowing.

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Plug, Work, & Play

Sacramento coworking

Your work day should be productive and focused so you can spend more time doing the things you choose. Capsity has plenty of outlets, easy to connect wifi, a variety of shared business resources, and a diverse community of business owners and team members. Play is about fun, but for our members it's essential to getting things done.

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