Social Mission

Statement of Intent:

To Make Happiness the top priority for our members and local communities.

Open Culture:

As a CA Benefit Corporation we strive to revolutionize the way we do business by placing social impact and human relationships at the core of our decisions and processes.

History & Timeline

Founded in 2008, Capsity is an owner-occupied professional workplace located on 21st Street, south of Sacramento’s Broadway Corridor. Originally built in 1949 as a US Post Office, modern renovations provide a spacious interior of over 4,500 sq. ft., featuring clean and secure work habitats, accented by ample sunlight and a community Art Gallery.

  • August 2008: Officially launched Capsity Offices in Midtown, Sacramento
  • November 2011: Temporarily moved to 2572 21st Street, Sacramento
  • July 2012: Soft Re-Opening after construction phase of building
  • October 2012: Grand Re-Opening of Capsity with new design, new team, same community
  • August 2013: Registered Capsity, Inc. as a CA Benefits Corporation
  • September 2014: Founder Jeff Louie moves to Bay Area to explore expansion
  • April 2015: Capsity Team coordinated deal to purchase Buffalo Pizza & Ice Cream, Co.
  • August 2015: Announced Co-CEO: Mai Linh Tompkins
  • April 2016: Purchased 2nd building in Oak Park in partnership with CRKW Design Studios and local investor

Coworking as a Principle

The concept of coworking goes beyond just a shared office space. Coworking is the belief that a community can create more powerfully and more efficiently than just an individual, but that it needs a place where individuals can integrate and collaborate.  Capsity is an on-going experiment in creating the space for human relationships to manifest into community and social good.